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A little message from me...

Hello friends!

I just wanted to share a little about my listing process. I typically list all of my new items right here at my own website first. Yay! This means that if you are following my blog or my shop on IG, you get first dips on any new goodies!

Having my own site allows me my own flexibility & freedom to charge what I want and to offer my customers (you) the lowest price that I can. Can't beat that, huh?

If the new items haven't sold out after a while, I may move some of them over to my Etsy shop. But due to Etsy's high fees (and they just keep going up & up) - the price per item does increase since it costs me WAY more to sell on that platform.

For those that are more comfortable purchasing via Etsy - that is totally A-okay!

And thank you ALL for supporting my little paper shop!

XXOO - Stacy


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